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This is just a release script I use on a private, largely-javascript project I work on regularly. Thought I'd share. It's an example of how great ruby can be for straight-up glue script.

beginclass VersionAlreadyTaggedError < StandardError; end...
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As developers, designers, and makers, we all come to rely on music during our daily activities to keep us focused. Beyond listening to music at work, I will have music going on my daily commute, when I'm jogging, or just in general when I'm around...

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Let's get right to the awesome stuff:


  • Javascript multithreading
    • First off, let me say that the next two links came up because we found a performance bug in chrome (especially noticeable on mobile browsers) when there were in-flight ajax requests,...
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Every now and then, I run across a gem that I end up using in nearly every project. As it turns out, several of the recent projects I have worked on have required some form of internal site content search engine. While there may be better options...

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  • metriks lets you instrument ruby and gather metrics on your app. Saw it on the Ruby on Ales live stream.
  • Digitizer is a 3D scanner being put out by Makerbot for use with their Replicators. Exciting times.
  • Amazon's Mega Dropdown is...
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Some good links this week around Ruby OO-stuff. Tiny bit of front-end love.

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Great news! There's now a Ruby GEM for interacting with Google+'s OAuth2 endpoint.The GEM is omniauth-gplus

Setting it up


Rails.application.config.middleware.use OmniAuth::Builder do provider :gplus,...
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All this information is available here.

  • Install Android SDK
  • Enable USB Debugging on your device
  • Connect via USB
  • Chrome Settings Advanced Developer Tools Enable USB Web Debugging
  • Issue adb forward tcp:9222 localabstract:chrome_devtools_remote
    • BTW if...
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