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Righto. It's been a while. Let's get to it:

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Holy crap might as well stop pretending these are going to be weekly. Still,here's some awesome stuff:

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Back in the swing of things, here's one just a week after my last one - like they ought to be :)


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It's been two months since a linkdump. I am shamed. Working on it. This will inevitably be huge.


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Yup, missed a few of these. Feels good to be writing one up again.


So, on to the links then.

  • conductor.js is a framework for creating sandboxed, embeddable js apps. It's a piece Tony Arcieri intends to use for cryptosphere, that's how I learned of...
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Weekly linkdump hits at the appropriate time again! Huzzah! I'm 2 for 2!


  • corner_stones are "capybara building blocks for acceptance tests." They aim to help you make acceptance tests be OO. We did this on the work we did for the USPTO (rolled our...
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So it's been a month since my last (nominally weekly) linkdump. Many apologies about that. As a means of apology, please enjoy this cat.


Now that that's over the links!

  • We launched TruCoin RT this week to great fanfare.
  • David sent a list of...
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Plane totally has this

Linkdump image courtesy of the always-redditing David Chapman. Thanks David :)

I missed a week with the linkdumping, and for that I am truly ashamed. To make up for it, I shall provide two weeks worth of links today. Not terribly surprising I...

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