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Welcome to the first of a three-post series where I'll show you how to create a game using the JavaScript library.

This game will be similar to the old missile command game, but with a little twist. Instead of shooting missiles, we'll be...

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The wonderful and handsome Josh Adams asked me to write a post on some recent experimentation I've been doing with the Isotope11 site. Essentially the idea is to have a grid of elements on a page that changes size in relation to the mouse, as the...

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Righto. It's been a while. Let's get to it:

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We at Isotope11 have done a number of JavaScript-heavy projects, ranging fromBackbone, Ember, Angular, to Dojo. Each project employed its own set ofprocesses for running, building, and/or pre-processing, but has generallyrelied on Grunt (and...

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This may seem trivial, but over the years of web development, I've been requested more than three times tomake it so that images cannot be saved through the UI of a client's web page. I've seendifferent approaches to this, but I think the most...

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It's been two months since a linkdump, once again. I'm not so good at this stuff. There's good stuff ahead though!


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It's been two months since a linkdump. I am shamed. Working on it. This will inevitably be huge.


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Yup, missed a few of these. Feels good to be writing one up again.


So, on to the links then.

  • conductor.js is a framework for creating sandboxed, embeddable js apps. It's a piece Tony Arcieri intends to use for cryptosphere, that's how I learned of...
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So it's been a month since my last (nominally weekly) linkdump. Many apologies about that. As a means of apology, please enjoy this cat.


Now that that's over the links!

  • We launched TruCoin RT this week to great fanfare.
  • David sent a list of...
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