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Regular linkdumps happening now, what is even happening? These are a few things that came across our slack channels this week that we thought were interesting. Enjoy!

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So I built a thing yesterday. I call it RoboFinger. It's a Phoenix webserver that allows control of a robot arm using websockets. It requires a leap motion and a robot arm, but if you use those, you get this:

The code

def event(socket,...
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So Robby and I gave a talk atErlang Factory SF 2014 entitled "DistributedRobots with Elixir". It's about using Elixir for all kinds of fun things - frominterfacing with a Sphero and a Parrot ARDrone, to running Erlang on Android andusing...

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So last week's post was similar to today. However, today I play with a bit more interesting RasPi libraries.

The big difference is that we're using software PWM via the wonderful pi-blaster library. It basically latches onto the DMA for the single...

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So I got a bit more involved after my experiments last week.

This week I did the following:

  • Got the LED Toggler Ruby script from last week exposing a toggle-able LED object over the network with drb under MRI on the Raspberry Pi.
  • Built an Android...
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So had to continue the last post. Here's an LED that turns on when you tweet at it :)

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[UPDATE 2] So if you like this, you'll probably like the post where I integrate with an android app.

[UPDATE] I went a bit further, integrated the sucker with twitter.

So we used pi_piper just now to control some GPIO pins on our Raspberry Pi.


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