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Welcome to the first of a three-post series where I'll show you how to create a game using the JavaScript library.

This game will be similar to the old missile command game, but with a little twist. Instead of shooting missiles, we'll be...

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Holy crap might as well stop pretending these are going to be weekly. Still,here's some awesome stuff:

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It's been two months since a linkdump, once again. I'm not so good at this stuff. There's good stuff ahead though!


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Weekly linkdump hits at the appropriate time again! Huzzah! I'm 2 for 2!


  • corner_stones are "capybara building blocks for acceptance tests." They aim to help you make acceptance tests be OO. We did this on the work we did for the USPTO (rolled our...
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The default blog header image is JTAG board 3 by Andrew Magill.