So I built a thing yesterday. I call it RoboFinger. It's a Phoenix webserver that allows control of a robot arm using websockets. It requires a leap motion and a robot arm, but if you use those, you get this:

The code

def event(socket, "rotation:hand", %{"x" => x, "y" => y, "z" => z}) do
  val = map(x, 0, 180, -1, 1)
  Exroboarm.Client.hip(:roboarm, val, 10)
def event(socket, "bone_directions:index_finger", %{"first" => first, "second" => second, "third" => third}) do
  Exroboarm.Client.shoulder(:roboarm, first + 90, 10)
  Exroboarm.Client.elbow(:roboarm, second, 10)
  Exroboarm.Client.wrist(:roboarm, (90 - third), 10)

That's about the easiest websocket implementation I can imagine :)

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