We at Isotope11 have done a number of JavaScript-heavy projects, ranging from Backbone, Ember, Angular, to Dojo. Each project employed its own set of processes for running, building, and/or pre-processing, but has generally relied on Grunt (and sometimes, even Ruby) in some way to handle various tasks. This tends to get annoying in that we don't have a standard set of processes to go about managing and developing on a particular project.

I wanted to change all that, and while I was at it, give some of the other recent task runner and process management tools a go. Grunt. Gulp and Browserify seemed like solid places to start.

Like any good developer, I'm going to dig into what other developers are doing with said libraries, and Viget didn't disappoint, and already had a solid starting point for a Gulp and Browserify specific project. Dan gives a detailed look into Gulp and Browserify as well as some really good references explaining certain concepts such as module loading, etc.

I wanted to take it a step further and introduce some sort of testing framework, and specifically start tinkering with React (and Flux -- or a variant of Flux). So, I give you JS-Seed.

At heart, this is simply a starting point project from which you could swap out Grunt for Gulp, or add in Webpack, swap React for Angular, Jest for Karma, so on and so forth.

Please give the README a look and post up issues, or PRs for any improvements/suggestions/fixes.

Big up to Dan for the great starting point and guide to better understanding Gulp and Browserify.

I have 10+ years of web-focused software development experience spreading the "full-stack" gamut with php, asp.net/c#, and ruby/rails. My passion and expertise lies with front-end development whether it be design work or JavaScript development. I've worked on a wide range of projects, ranging from enterprise level products for the healthcare or document imaging space all the way down to your typical CMS-based website. I enjoy tinkering with the latest and greatest JS framework or CSS architecture. When I'm not coding, I'm making things, or spending time outdoors backpacking, running or hiking. I also have an awesome shepherd mix named Kona (hover over my picture above to witness his super-saiyan level of awesome).