HollaBack is now at version 0.1.0. This minor release is for sending a status method with paramters. The README.md now includes the synopsis for sending methods with parameters...


Synopsis for sending a method with parameters (the all important status method):

# This is how you'd do it for the status method
{:name_of_status_method => ['array', 'of', 'input', 'parameters']}

Synopsis for sending multiple methods, some requiring parameters:

# This is how you'd do it for the responding methods, which follows the same
# pattern as the status method, but as elements in an array so that you can
# respond with multiple responding methods
['name_of_some_method_with_no_params', {:name_of_some_method_with_params => ['array', 'of', 'input', 'parameters']}]

That is all.

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