So I just wanted to be on the record on the internet giving a piece of advice.

ActiveSupport monkeypatches Object and adds a #try method. This method has the following semantics:

1.try(:to_s) #=> "1"
1.try(:thats_crazy_no_such_method) #=> nil

Up until now I hadn't made it publicly known, but from here on out let it be: if you use #try I think you're a horrible person. It's probably not your fault - maybe you were abandoned as a child, and so you're terrified that an object isn't going to be there that you were counting on.

I don't care. Every orphan programmer has to grow up to become confident at some point. The next time you use #try in your codebase, please at least use it this way:

# NOTE: I have no idea how this code works and I'm too much of a lazy jerk to make it better, so....

Seriously. Stop using #try. I don't blame people too much that have only just learned about it - I used it a few times too. But every time you use it, you've planted a flag in your codebase and announced "we're done here, this code will not get better from here on out."

NOTE: It's entirely possible that I've just been bitten by people doing this twice in the past two days, but it's infuriating every single time I see it.


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