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Seth Messer

A bit more about Seth

I am a developer of stuff & things

I have 10+ years of web-focused software development experience spreading the "full-stack" gamut with php,, and ruby/rails. My passion and expertise lies with front-end development whether it be design work or JavaScript development. I've worked on a wide range of projects, ranging from enterprise level products for the healthcare or document imaging space all the way down to your typical CMS-based website. I enjoy tinkering with the latest and greatest JS framework or CSS architecture.

When I'm not coding, I'm making things, or spending time outdoors backpacking, running or hiking. I also have an awesome shepherd mix named Kona (hover over my picture above to witness his super-saiyan level of awesome).

Recent Blog Posts

We at Isotope11 have done a number of JavaScript-heavy projects, ranging fromBackbone, Ember, Angular, to Dojo. Each project employed its own set ofprocesses for running, building, and/or pre-processing, but has generallyrelied on Grunt (and...

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Did you just do your weekly or monthly brew update && brew upgrade commands and now you're getting Python ImportErrors (something like: ImportError: cannot import name MAXREPEAT)?

You're not alone, it's frustrating, and it breaks Vim and...

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Ever wanted to have a shopping cart (or some other sidebar-type element) snap to the top of the viewport and follow you as you scroll down the page,similar to the one on

Well, it's luckily not that complicated with Angular and the raw...

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On a recent project, I had the need to integrate some AngularJS-based interactions within an existing Rails application. I wasn't able to treat it as two separate projects in this case, e.g., a Rails API app/project, that my AngularJS app/project...

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As developers, designers, and makers, we all come to rely on music during our daily activities to keep us focused. Beyond listening to music at work, I will have music going on my daily commute, when I'm jogging, or just in general when I'm around...

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