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Robby Clements is a software developer for isotope|eleven. He has 5 years of professional developing experience and 5+ years experience in Computer Networking. He also has great hair.

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If you want to limit the controller actions on a given resource in active_admin you could try something like this:

#default_actionsindex do column :actions do |resource| links = link_to I18n.t('active_admin.view'), resource_path(resource) # your...
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I've been working a lot with ActiveAdmin and wanted to show an example I found that displays neat ways to customize the interface without ever having to create your own forms. Sometimes creating the form page manually is the best way to go, but...

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Here are two things that I needed to know this week:

1) A quick way to tell jQuery to send data as a json request:

jQuery.ajaxSetup({'beforeSend': function(xhr) { xhr.setRequestHeader("Accept", "text/javascript") }});

2) Having trouble getting...

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I found this article today and thought I'd share. I figured it to be the best description of how I learned RoR. It describes some of the pitfalls a beginner can fall into when first learning.


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I started learning ruby with "Learn to Program" written by Chris Pine. It is a great book and kept me coming back for more. Another book that most mock and for good reason is "Why's Poignant Guide to Ruby", but it is the...

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