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Josh Adams

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I am a CTO / Principal / Lead Developer

Josh Adams is a developer and architect with over eleven years of professional experience building production-quality software and managing projects. Josh is isotope|eleven's lead architect, and is responsible for overseeing architectural decisions and translating customer requirements into working software. Josh graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) with Bachelor of Science degrees in both Mathematics and Philosophy. He runs the ElixirSips screencast series, teaching hundreds of developers Elixir. He also occasionally provides Technical Review for Apress Publishing, specifically regarding Arduino microprocessors. When he's not working, Josh enjoys spending time with his family.

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We've run into a problem wherein our customers and potential customers often"know" that we just provide custom software development. This isn't the truth,but we've done a pretty terrible job of explaining or enumerating what otherservices we...

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So we've had a pretty decent Continuous Integration setup here at Isotope11 forthe past four years or so. We should have had it for longer, but them's thebreaks. At any rate, some of our most popular blog posts, by a huge margin,have been related...

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So today Seth and I rebuilt my vim configuration fromscratch. We spent a lot of time on readability and modularity, so I thought itmight make a good blog post. As always, this is in my dotfilesrepo.

Without further ado, here's the whole documented...

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Righto. It's been a while. Let's get to it:

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Holy crap might as well stop pretending these are going to be weekly. Still,here's some awesome stuff:

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