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A bit more about Heath

I am a Software Developer

Since joining the company, Heath has been keen to compose systems emphasizing modularity and adherence to client specifications. Heath has used open source software for over ten years and enjoys functional programming along with its tools which encourage easy reasoning about application structure. On the rare occassion he is spotted away from Isotope11 headquarters, he is likely chatting away in Spanish, sailing atop the local bodies of water, or transcribing notes for his forthcoming book aimed at modern Javascript development.

Recent Blog Posts

Meteor is an exciting and different way to build web applications. The documentation at docs.meteor.com is difficult to beat in learning to get started, but for those needing to start now, just do this:

Install Meteor:

$ curl...

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The Mechanics underlying the Specification

Automatic semicolon insertion (ASI for short) is with us in ES5 and it will continue accompanying us in ES6, so an understanding of how this mechanism operates is beneficial. This article maps out the...

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