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Adam Gamble

A bit more about Adam

I am a Senior Developer

Adam has worked with Isotope 11 for 4 years and has been a professional software developer for over 12 years. He has been lead developer on multiple Fortune 500 projects. He is the author of "Beginning Rails 4" which was published by Apress in September 2013.

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> Team.where(:name => "Testing").where(:conference_id => 1).first=> nil> Team.where(:name => "Testing").where(:conference_id => 1).first_or_initialize=> #<Team id: nil, name: "Testing", conference_id: 1, created_at: nil,...
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I've recently tried to start writing my methods in such a way that a usercan pass in just about anything they want and get the expected results.I'll go through the normal iterations, and at the end we'll have a methodthat works how just about...

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I wonder if this sent an airbrake error, which created Airbrake inception.

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So I needed to test a redirect that only happened for IOS devices. I had noidea how to accomplish this with a specific cucumber scenario. So I didwhat any good developer would do. I figured it out.

Here is how:

make a new file...

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Git Bisect is awesome

So I was attempting to debug a weird bug that cropped up in a releasebranch that hadn't existed before all the original feature branches weremerged. There were quite a few feature branches and changes so I wasscratching my...

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