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Did you just do your weekly or monthly brew update && brew upgrade commands and now you're getting Python ImportErrors (something like: ImportError: cannot import name MAXREPEAT)?

You're not alone, it's frustrating, and it breaks Vim and...

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Ever wanted to have a shopping cart (or some other sidebar-type element) snap to the top of the viewport and follow you as you scroll down the page,similar to the one on apple.com?

Well, it's luckily not that complicated with Angular and the raw...

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Cryptography and Ruby just got a litte more acquainted. If you have not heardof djb's crypto library, NaCl, then now would be a good time for you to becomea little more acquainted with cryptography and in particular why this crypto library is...

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On a recent project, I had the need to integrate some AngularJS-based interactions within an existing Rails application. I wasn't able to treat it as two separate projects in this case, e.g., a Rails API app/project, that my AngularJS app/project...

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Today I learned there was a Ruby gem that could detect the gender of a name.The gem is called Sex Machine. It caneven give geographical specific information on names. Check out my examples:

First you need to install it:

gem install sexmachine

Now you...

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So last week's post was similar to today. However, today I play with a bit more interesting RasPi libraries.

The big difference is that we're using software PWM via the wonderful pi-blaster library. It basically latches onto the DMA for the single...

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Ton of links today...

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So I got a bit more involved after my experiments last week.

This week I did the following:

  • Got the LED Toggler Ruby script from last week exposing a toggle-able LED object over the network with drb under MRI on the Raspberry Pi.
  • Built an Android...
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Links are so close......but first watermelon cat.

watermelon cat

  • mutations is a neat looking library for doing "UseCase" style stuff, where your controllers just run a "mutation" and return the result. If you see it and think it's neat, then you will. If you...
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