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We got our Oculus Rift. Guys, this thing is so unbelievably cool. If you're from around town, plan to come check out the Oculus Rift in person some time and you won't be disappointed...

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Yup, missed a few of these. Feels good to be writing one up again.


So, on to the links then.

  • conductor.js is a framework for creating sandboxed, embeddable js apps. It's a piece Tony Arcieri intends to use for cryptosphere, that's how I learned of...
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I've been working a lot with ActiveAdmin and wanted to show an example I found that displays neat ways to customize the interface without ever having to create your own forms. Sometimes creating the form page manually is the best way to go, but...

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Weekly linkdump hits at the appropriate time again! Huzzah! I'm 2 for 2!


  • corner_stones are "capybara building blocks for acceptance tests." They aim to help you make acceptance tests be OO. We did this on the work we did for the USPTO (rolled our...
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So I just wanted to be on the record on the internet giving a piece of advice.

ActiveSupport monkeypatches Object and adds a #try method. This method has the following semantics:

1.try(:to_s) #=> "1"1.try(:thats_crazy_no_such_method) #=> nil


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Getting a website going from scratch with Rails 4.0and Ruby 2.0 can be done in a day; including getting it deployed to Heroku! Don't believe me? Let's just do it.


First you'll need to install RVM:

curl -L | bash -s stable


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So it's been a month since my last (nominally weekly) linkdump. Many apologies about that. As a means of apology, please enjoy this cat.


Now that that's over the links!

  • We launched TruCoin RT this week to great fanfare.
  • David sent a list of...
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Let's say you have a JRuby app running on an EC2 server and you want to connect to it remotely with VisualVM.

You might end up with an init script that looks like the following. This is just here for posterity's sake :) Hope some internet traveller...

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HollaBack is now at version 0.1.0. This minor release is for sending a status method with paramters. The now includes the synopsis for sending methods with parameters...


Synopsis for sending a method with parameters (the all...

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