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Back in the swing of things, here's one just a week after my last one - like they ought to be :)


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I've been doing a subscription screencast called ElixirSips to help you learnElixir for over four months now, but I haven't yetprovided any of that content on our blog. It seems inappropriate, so withoutfurther ado, here is an ElixirSips episode...

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It's been two months since a linkdump, once again. I'm not so good at this stuff. There's good stuff ahead though!


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Robby and I gave a talk earlier this year at Cascadia Ruby on Ruby and Robotics. It was a lot of fun. They just posted the video, so I thought I'd embed it here :)

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In part 1 webuilt a very simple rack application that responded with Hello World no matterwhat path you requested. In part 2 we're going to add a router that handles routingrequest based on user configuration. We'll go ahead and start fresh since...

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$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa$ sudo apt-get update

Next:Create a new doc and save as

 version="$(wget -q -O - | egrep -m1 -o '\"[0-9](\.[0-9])+' |...
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It's been two months since a linkdump. I am shamed. Working on it. This will inevitably be huge.


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Just a quick note for those interested in trying out the new Ruby 2.1 Preview 1.When using rvm simply type:

rvm install ruby-2.1.0-preview1

It's that simple. After installing you can this to use it:

rvm use ruby-2.1.0-preview1

For a list of new...

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