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On April 30, 2012, David Wilkins spoke to the BOSS Meetup regarding OpenLayers, which is:

An opensource javascript library to load, display and render maps from multiple sources on web pages.

UPDATE: I'm presently re-encoding this to be more legible...

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Tom Brander gave a talk last night on doing R-style number crunching in python, using Pandas and iPython along with numerous other libraries.

His iPython notebook is embedded below. Code and the PDF the embed came from are available here

Audio of...

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Screencast of R presentation to BOSS - Birmingham Open Source Society on March 26, 2012 at the world headquarters of Isotope 11. Covers R in general and then shows map example with OpenStreetMap, but particular focus in R in finance and system...

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Ho-Sheng Hsiao giving the second talk:

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