isotope|eleven hosts the Birmingham Open Source Software meetup. We just had our 100th member join, so I figured I'd take this time to write up something that's been on my plate for a while now.

Supporting your community.

Most successful software development companies are built atop a whole pile of open source software. In our case, this means Ruby, Rails, a plethora of gems that we use, Ubuntu, vim, and others. All of this open source software was built by people scratching an itch, and open source is built upon its community.

Given our heritage, then, I feel it's vital that we support our community the best we can. In our case, we do it by hosting BOSS. In 2012, we meet on the last Monday of every month. We typically have about 15-20 people show up, we have a couple of presentations, and we get an opportunity to chat with other developers around town that are using the same tools that we're using.

It's extremely rewarding to give back to the community generally. We try to do this both by supporting / hosting BOSS (we provide pizza and drinks each month to attendees) as well as by making plenty of the code that we write open source. Take a few minutes to check out our community page if you're unaware of the open source code we've put out. We're quite proud of it. There are quite a few items that aren't on there that should be, and we'll try to rectify that going forward and keep it current.

Thanks for reading.

I hope this encourages you to go out and support your local community as you can. It's a great opportunity to meet some really interesting people in your area.

About us.

isotope|eleven is a Birmingham, AL Ruby on Rails consultancy, providing software development services for large-scale web applications. We build rails apps, and we do it well.

Josh Adams is a developer and architect with over eleven years of professional experience building production-quality software and managing projects. Josh is isotope|eleven's lead architect, and is responsible for overseeing architectural decisions and translating customer requirements into working software. Josh graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) with Bachelor of Science degrees in both Mathematics and Philosophy. He runs the ElixirSips screencast series, teaching hundreds of developers Elixir. He also occasionally provides Technical Review for Apress Publishing, specifically regarding Arduino microprocessors. When he's not working, Josh enjoys spending time with his family.