I've just released a new gem, isotope_contacts. It provides drop-in contact management for a rails app. Most apps require some form of contact management, and this is a pretty good starting point for managing your contacts, and their phone numbers and email addresses.

Demo site

See it in action here.


Here are some screenshots of what it looks like:

Contact Listing

Contact Show


You can install it by adding the following to your Gemfile:

gem 'isotope_contacts', :git => 'http://github.com/isotope11/isotope_contacts.git'

Then in your config/routes.rb:

mount IsotopeContacts::Engine => '/isotope_contacts'

Then just fire up your app and visit '/isotope_contacts'

Developing on IsotopeContacts

IsotopeContacts is implemented as a Rails engine and its tests are run in the context of a dummy Rails app. The process for getting the tests to run is similar to setting up a regular rails app:

bundle exec rake -f test/dummy/Rakefile db:drop db:create db:migrate db:test:prepare

Once this setup has been done, IsotopeContacts's specs can be run by executing this command:

bundle exec rake test

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